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Sunday April 26, 2015

Italian Eyewear Maker Luxottica Working on New Version of Google Glass

If the only reason you didn’t care much for Google Glass was because of the signature nerdy look, you might still be a candidate for the next generation of Google Glass. According to the WSJ, Google has teamed with Luxottica, maker of the very popular Ray-Ban and Oakley brand sunglasses, to improve the look and image of Glass and the results will be on the market in the near future.

He said that "version two" of Glass is "in preparation," but he didn’t stop there. Vian also hinted at the next, next wave of Google’s smart eyeglasses, telling shareholders, "In Google, there are some second thoughts on how to interpret version three [of the eyewear]."


Swiss Post Set to Test Mail Delivery by Drone

A test project between the Swiss Postal Service and Matternet will test the feasibility of mail delivery by drone on Swiss postal routes. It could be pretty soon when the sound of a drone coming through the valleys signal the delivery of mail, replacing the familiar postman. cool

Swiss Post is working with drone outfit Matternet for the duration of the tests. The company’s first drone can transport packages up to 1 kg (2.2 pounds) a distance of 20 km (12.4 miles) on a single charge.


Debian Team Announces the Release of Debian 8

After two years of development, Debian 8 has finally been released to the public. With the code name of Jessie, the new operating system has many new features and will be supported for at least the next five years. If you are interested in the new distro of Linux, the download link is included. cool

True, many of the available packages are not the most up-to-date, but this operating system does not focus on the bleeding edge. Instead, Debian is a good distro if you want reliability and dependability.


Credit Card Terminals Have Used Same Password Since 1990s

If this doesn’t make you want to use cash, nothing will. Researchers have found that a major ATM vendor has been shipping out units with the same unchanged password since the mid-nineties. If you are interested, the password is still 166816. eek!

The researchers said that the password remains in use on nine out of 10 terminals they see from the vendor, in part because customers mistakenly assume it is unique to them.


Comcast-TWC Merger Dead: Charter Waiting in the Wings

The Time-Warner Cable deal is dead with Comcast, but TWC is still up for grabs. According to the WSJ, Charter Communications is purported to be gearing up for a new run at Time Warner now that Comcast is totally out of the picture.

Time Warner Cable CEO Rob Marcus declined to comment directly on any other potential acquisitions, but noted that his company would remain open to any possibilities that could result in future growth and success.


Security Researcher Discovers Vulnerabilities: Detained by FBI

If you happen to stumble across a vulnerability in security pertaining to anything federal, do yourself a serious favor and either don’t report it or do it anonymously to prevent being detained or possibly arrested for doing your civic duty. Chris Roberts, a security intelligence expert, found this out the hard way.

The government should be thanking its lucky stars that a benevolent force such as Chris Roberts was the one who found this exploit, rather than someone who might actually wish to do harm.


Assassin’s Creed New Game: Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

The creator of the Assassin’s Creed series has announced the creation of a new project called Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey developed by Indie Studio developer, Panache Digital Games. As with most new project announcements, few details were made public, but a teaser trailer was introduced. Check it out.


Garmin’s NuviCam Takes GPS Tech One Step Further

If you are looking for a new GPS device for your older model car, give the nuvicam from Garmin a look. It’s not just your run of the mill GPS, but also incorporates a dash cam, enhanced navigational features, and driver-assisted features that are found in the newer luxury vehicles.

The nuviCam LMTHD goes beyond helping drivers get from Point A to Point B. The intuitive driver-assist features not only lessen the stress of getting you to your destination, but the nüviCam also provides peace of mind in knowing that your commute is being recorded and can be referenced should you need it.


Head Transplant Surgery Might Be Marketing Stunt

We told you a while back about the possibility of a total head transplant that was planned for 2017. We may have led you astray and the tech community may be getting seriously punked, all in the name of a gigantic marketing hoax for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. eek!

Kotaku UK published a comprehensive breakdown on this conspiracy theory that suggests Dr. Canavero is actually helping market a new game called "Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain."


Most 2-Years-Olds Use Mobile Media Devices

When you talk about a connected generation, I don’t think the connection was supposed to begin at such an early age. A new survey shows that toddlers as young as one year of age are immersed in mobile device use for an hour or more a day.

By age 2, most kids were using mobile devices in some way. Their usage increased as they aged, with 26 percent of 2-year-olds and 38 percent of 4-year-olds using devices for at least an hour a day.


Valve's Paid Skyrim Mods Are a Legal, Ethical and Creative Disaster

Valve and Bethesda have jointly opened an online Skyrim mod store. Should be good for the community, right? Well according to the comments from a large number of fans and game modders alike, not so much. eek! Thanks to Forum member lcpiper for the linkage.

Skyrim mod store is an absolutely terrible idea for reasons that are already becoming clear even in the first day after launch.


Bloodborne Finally Has the Patch It's Needed Since Launch

If you are a Bloodborne gamer, or at least trying to play Bloodborne despite its level of difficulty and some inherent technology problems, a patch has finally been issued to make your gaming more seamless and enjoyable.

According to the patch notes, they’ve fixed a bug that results in bosses becoming "immobilized," which I believe is a reference to the memory leak where if your system was left on too long (in rest mode or otherwise) bosses would lose IQ points and get stuck doing a singular attack on repeat.


The Witcher 3 Gets Precious Cargo 60fps PC Video

If you are thinking of buying The Witcher 3 from CD Projekt Red based on the gameplay video, please be aware that it may not be as good as it looks, at least on the Xbox. An Xbox One promotion for the game is showing the PC version running at 60 fps, while the Xbox version of the game runs at 30 fps. Microsoft has since apologized for not adding a disclaimer earlier.


Google Loses Executive in Nepal Earthquake

A longtime Google executive was among the causalities in the Nepal earthquake. Dan Fredinburg, who was in Nepal attempting a climb of Mt Everest, was killed when an avalanche triggered by the 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit his base camp.

An experienced climber, Fredinburg co-founded in his spare time Google Adventure, a company team that "translate[d] the Google Street View concept into extreme, exotic locations like the summit of Mount Everest or the Great Barrier Reef off Australia.


Galactic Civilizations III Now Set for May 14 Release

This week, Stardock Games announced that its latest game, Galactic Civilization III will be released on May 14th. By the title, this is obviously the third in the franchise from Stardock, bringing with it a host of new updates to the series.

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Netflix’s Library to Get Shakeup on May 1st

It's that time again when Netflix rolls out its new monthly programming, bringing a ton of new and original content to the streaming channel while dropping some of the aging movies and TV series' in the Netflix lineup for May.

Subscribers will be getting a bunch of new content scattered throughout the month, including things like A Madea Christmas, Inglorious Basterds, The Boxtrolls, and a bunch of other relatively new content. Interspersed into it all are some Netflix Originals.


Saturday April 25, 2015

How to Set Up the Apple Watch in 16 Steps

The Apple Watch is now out and you were able to score one early, that’s great, but now what? You can probably tell the time and several other basic maneuvers but little else. The guys over at The Verge have an exhaustive 16 step detailed guide on how to set up and use your new Apple Watch.

We’re here to help. This article explains the major steps you will need to go through to set up and understand your new Apple Watch. It is virtually identical for all versions of the watch, from the least-expensive Sport on up to the Edition.


Microsoft Is Bringing Solitaire Back to Windows 10

Is it just me, or does it feel like Microsoft is throwing everything good and nostalgic back into Windows 10? It seems like all of the major complaints are being handled well and Microsoft is padding its account with good will to make the transition to Windows 10 feel like you are going home again. Case in point is the addition of one of Windows’ favorite games, Solitaire.

It’s a similar decision to the return of the Start Menu, bringing back features Windows users are familiar with. Only Solitaire is back as a built-in app so far, and that may even change by the time Windows 10 ships in the summer.


Jony Ive Is the New Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a well-known control freak at Apple, where he was also known as The Decider on all details, great and small. Since Steve Jobs’ passing, this niche title role largely went wanting, deferring to committee-type decisions until Jony Ive came into the power position at Apple.

Ive’s power and responsibilities within Apple increased dramatically. No longer relegated to industrial design exclusively, Ive’s new role at Apple now included heading up and providing direction for Apple’s Human Interface group.


D&D Now on Steam, Complete with Dice and a Dungeon Master

Heads up for all of you D&D freakoids. big grin If you are still one of the many faithful D&D players, you can now satisfy your jonesing for a quick fix on Steam. You can now recreate the official licensed 5th Edition tabletop experience, complete with maps, dungeon master and rolling the dice with Steam content from Wizards of the Coast.


Master Microsoft Office with Seven Courses

If you are like most of us, you have Microsoft’s Office Suite installed, but only use several of the programs and the rest go to waste because of lack of knowledge on your part. How about a 15 hour professional level course covering all aspects of Office for a ridiculous low price? Check it out. cool

Businesses the world over use Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and all of the programs featured in Microsoft Office, and if you want to move up in your current job or get a new one, having a high skill level in Office will help a great deal.


Most of AMD's Next-Gen Radeon Cards Rumored to Be Rebrands

Our friends over at TweakTown are giving us an update on the on-going rumor of rebrands with the release of AMD’s Radeon 300 Series cards. The rumor news broke as early as February. Just a heads up for any of you planning on jumping on the next gen bandwagon release early.

This isn't new information as we've previously reported that AMD's Radeon 300 series would be filled with rebrands, but this information is much newer and closer to the actual release than the previous rumors.


Eleven Most Overrated Games of All Time

Every gamer out there has his or her pet peeve list about which games are most overrated after spending good money on them, so the guys over at Geek made up their own list of the eleven of the most overrated games in their experience. Give it a look and see if you agree with Geek’s list.

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Oil and Gas Operations Could Trigger Large Earthquakes

We’ve all heard it before, fracking is bad for the environment, but in our overpowering thirst for new sources of energy, fracking is now becoming commonplace, with possible disastrous consequences.

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The Pirate Bay’s Domain Name May Be Seized Next Week

Just when The Pirate Bay thought it was safe to go back in the water……a court in Sweden will decide next week on whether or not to take away the torrent site’s Top Level Domain name.

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German Court Rules Adblock Plus Is Legal

If you are using Adblock Plus and live in Germany, you are good to go. The German courts have ruled after a four-month long trial that individuals have the right to block ads on visited websites.

While the decision is undoubtedly a big win for users today, it could also set a precedent for future lawsuits against Adblock Plus and any other tool that offers similar functions. The German court has essentially declared that users are legally allowed to control what happens on their screens and on their computers while they browse the Web.


Grand Theft Auto TV Show to Star Bill Paxton and Daniel Radcliffe

What was rumor has now been confirmed: Yes, there will be a Grand Theft Auto movie and also confirmed, it will star Harry Potter’s own Daniel Radcliffe and Twister’s Bill Paxton. The good news is that it is going to be a made-for-TV movie on BBC. big grin

According the BBC’s synopsis, the 90-minute drama will focus on the game's origins under Houser, which it describes as "the greatest British coding success story since Bletchley Park," while also delving into the intense controversy surrounding GTA’s violent content and its impressive commercial success.


Windows 10 Build 10061 Hands-On: Fresh Apps and Features

With the looming annual Build Conference literally right around the corner, Microsoft released another new build of Windows 10 on Wednesday. Build 10061 is full of new tweaks, features and apps, with some working flawlessly and others, not so much, but that’s why they call this a beta. big grin

Windows 10 build 10061 is easily my favorite Technical Preview build thus far. It’s been far less buggy than past Preview builds, and the whole picture’s really starting to coalesce into a smart, satisfying experience that successfully blends Microsoft’s Modern-era ideas with the traditional desktop interface that users love for damn fine reason.


Halo 3: ODST Expansion Set for Release Next Month

According to an update by 343 Industries, a free copy of Halo 3: ODST will be available to gamers who played The Master Chief Collection within a month of release. The exact date of release has not been announced yet, with more information to come next month.

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